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There is a planner to help you put together your ceremony on the ‘Your Wedding’ website here

We have put together our own local notes to help you below:


Music is an important element of a wedding service and there is a wide variety of music, hymns and worship songs to choose from.


It's traditional to sing either two or three hymns during the wedding service. When choosing a hymn its usually best to stick to ones that most people are likely to know, otherwise you may be the only two people singing! You will also want to consider when choosing hymns whether the words are saying the things you want them to.

One last thing on hymns.  Some hymns can be sung to more than one tune, so it's worth checking with your organist to make sure that the tune they are planning to play is the one that you have in mind.

Hymns that are popular choices for weddings include:

The ‘Your Wedding’ site also has a page where you can listen to many popular wedding hymns

Image courtesy of DailyClipArt.net

Instrumental Music

As well as hymns you will probably want to have some instrumental music at certain points in the service such as:

The organist can play this music for you and traditional pieces include:

The entrance of the bride:

When you leave church as a married couple:

You can hear versions of all of these tunes by clicking on them (you will be taken to ‘YouTube’)