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All church buildings in the benefice are closed for the moment.

Please keep praying

Prayers will still be said by a minister on behalf of everyone

at the following times.                                      

Morning Prayer  9:30 am

Evening Prayer 4:30 pm

Please join in at home or wherever you are,                              

or at a different time if that is more convenient.

Click here for forms of service.  

Each day you can join us here for prayer and worship

GOOD FRIDAY  - Jesus is crucified

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Or view online at YouTube or Facebook

Click here for                               to watch prayer services

For other reflections and videos during Holy week visit our YouTube page

For reflections and Sunday readings use

To see photos of palm crosses at our churches please click here

To contact the office for information or help call (01609 773338) or email  and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

Also to keep up to date look at our Facebook page

Stay safe, keep in touch with us and each other and know that God loves us.


                          During this time of uncertainty please remember those who will                           struggle to feed themselves and their families.

                           You can donate items by helping financially -  donations can                            be made on-line via their website.

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