All church buildings in the benefice remain closed for public worship





                            Prayers will continue to be said privately

                            each day by a minister on behalf

                            of everyone

                                                                               Morning Prayer  9:30 am

                                                                               Evening Prayer   4:30 pm

                                                                   Please join in wherever you are.                  

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                                                                   of worship and prayers              

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Open for private prayer*   

  An important message from the vicar      

All Saints will be open from 10am -3pm Monday to Friday.

St James and St Lawrence will remain closed,

but this will be under review.  

Please respect the quiet and prayerfulness

of the building if you plan to visit

Thank you        Fiona

*private prayer means an individual alone or members of the same household together, it does not mean small groups of people from different households.  

                                          I invite you to take a few minutes to complete a                                           survey, as we begin to open our church buildings                                           again, I'm interested in what good things from the                                           lock-down experience we might continue in some                                           way, and how (if at all) our church life might be                                           different going forward, it' be great help -                                               Be quick you've only got a week!

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SUNDAY 5th   July 2020 Trinity 4

Today’s service is about Expectations

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